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Though our sarees are very low maintenance, handling them with care will ensure their longer life. 


  • It is always recommended to leave the saree unfolded for sometime after use before folding it.
  • Always store the sarees in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


Sarees should NEVER be machine washed. DRY-CLEAN and HAND-WASH only.

Dry cleaning is recommended but in case you wish to wash the product at home once in a while, please take care of the following instructions: 

  • Use clean, cold water and mild detergent to wash
  • Take a small corner of the saree and test wash first.
  • Always wash the sarees separately.
  • Do not keep the saree dipped in water/detergent for long.
  • Never bundle and keep it wet for long.

Avoid direct sunlight. Dry them in shade to avoid fading


  • Keep the iron on low or medium temperature, depending on the fabric.
  • Never iron directly on the embroidery, stone, thread, prints or any kind of work, instead use a cotton or muslin cloth for the same.

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Sap Green Cotton Linen Saree with Wine Red Blouse

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