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Q. Are the sarees pictured exactly the same as the ones that are shipped?

A. Yes, they are the same sarees. Sometimes, the colour may appear a little different on your computer/phone/tablet screen and this could be due to lighting and/or limitations of photography.


Q. Do you source your products from different companies?

A. No, Vanya manufactures all the designs that you see on our website. Our manufacturing plant and warehouse is located in Surat, India. There is no middle men and hence there is a significant cost saving for our customers.

Q. How can I sell Vanya sarees at my retail or wholesale outlet?

A. We are a little selective with our dealers and retailers. But please reach out to us at stating your location, business name and the products that you might be interested in. We would be glad to discuss future business relations.


Q. Do you offer payment by cash on delivery?

A. We do offer the cash on delivery option for payment at a nominal charge of ₹50.


Q. What are the delivery charges for shipping within India?

A. There are no delivery charges for shipping anywhere within India.


Q. Do all the sarees displayed come with a blouse piece?

A. Yes all our sarees come with either running blouse or beautiful embroidered blouse that you can stitch according to your size.


Q. Can we order gifts from your site for our friends and relatives?

A. Yes. Please enter the gift recipient's name and address under "Shipping Address".


Q. My product is slightly different from the product image. Why is that?

A. Creating a saree is a process that mixes tremendous different art works, hand work and manufacturing processes. This can lead to slight variations in the final product and is completely natural. Below we have made a list of variations that you can face:

Please keep in mind that there may be slight variations in the color of the item you receive as compared to the product picture on the website. While the actual color depends on fabric dyes and the weather, the colors seen on the monitor will change according to the light, camera and settings. Hence, the slight difference.
Embroidery, Patch work and Thread work may have slight irregularities. It adds to the unique charm of this exquisite piece.
Missing yarn, slubs and uneven yarn contrasts are general phenomenon in woven products, this is a natural outcome and inherent characteristics of weaving procedure which makes it style peculiar.
Hand Prints:
Hand Printed articles have their own minor imperfections, and that's what sets them apart and makes them unique. The traditional dyeing and printing process may result in slight color bleeding at the first wash. Since these are not machine printed, there is a certain rawness in the designs that add to the beauty of your ordered outfit.
Woven Motifs:
Design may have slight variation.
Beads & Sequins:
While our crafts persons and tailors create every attire with the utmost diligence, the ones with beads and sequins are always the most daunting. Beads and sequins have a tendency to fall off the fabric, even with the best of handling. Losing a few beads or sequins does not affect the overall look of the attire, and cannot be noticed even under scrutiny. So don't worry and shine away!


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